Jo Chou's full name is Joann Chou. She prefers to be called Jo by peers and authority alike. She graduated in Spring 2006 with a Computer Engineering B.S. degree, and currently works as a Web Developer at E*TRADE Financial.

As a Computer Engineer, she enjoys working with EDA Tools such as Capture, Layout, and GerbTool. When taking the EDA Tools class, she volunteered to be in charge of collecting everyone's files and making sure the tiling of the boards was done correctly. Checking for little mistakes and learning more about GerbTool was so much fun that she didn't sleep for an entire night. One thing that has been picked up from going to the University of California, Santa Cruz is the importance of an Engineering Notebook. Those things are fabulous and will be referenced time and time again.   <more on engineering>

As a Web/Graphics Designer, Jo only just started devloping her graphics skills in high school even though she had Photoshop 3.0 at home before that. Inspired by her graphics teacher and the basics of design that were taught to her, she persisted in teaching herself Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and In-Design. She eventually moved onto creating websites in a text editor (go VI!). Jo finally decided to teach herself how to use the powerful tools of Dreamweaver. That was a good move. In the end though, the engineering side got the best of her, and she proceeded to fiddle with and teach herself some PHP, MySQL, SQL, XML, and Javascript.  While at E*TRADE, she learned more XSL/XML and some DOM Scripting (her favorite trick is expanding and collapsing divs). She has also learned quite a number of new CSS tricks that she likes to use, especially if they are W3C Accessible. CSS Page Layouts and W3C Accessibility are her current web passions. <examples of web>   <examples of graphics>

As a Photographer, Jo started taking pictures for fun like every other student that goes through a photography phase. After some time, she was sought out and hired to take pictures at events. She now owns a Nikon D70, and is seeking to acquire some new lenses and lighting equipment.   <see some photos>

As a School of Engineering student, she has been active in both the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). As a 4-year member of SWE, she has taken the Cabinet positions of: Publicity, Webmaster, Secretary, Co-Chair, Dean's Representative, and Vice-Chair. As a 4-year member of IEEE, she has taken the Cabinet positions of: Secretary and Vice-Chair. Jo enjoys being an active member of her community and taking charge of things to make engineering better for everyone (especially girls).   <see resume>

As a person, Jo is quite extroverted and has a fine taste for Japanese anime as her most apparent hobby other than photography. She also likes playing board games (such as Settlers of Catan), snowboarding, white water rafting, playing video games (owns a Nintendo Wii & Gamecube), and playing around with CSS & Photoshop.